April 30, 2013

Nintendo Now Selling Refurbished Handhelds


The big N is now selling “Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Products” on their online store. There is an array of 3DS and DSI models available and undermining the competition greatly. they have Aqua Blue and Midnight Purple 3DS’s for $130 and a bundle that comes with the handheld and Ocarina of Time 3D for $170. The DSI’s are the XL versions and are available in Metallic Rose or Midnight Blue. The DSI XL’s range from $99 to $129 the latter offering Mario Kart DS. All of the handhelds are cleaned, inspected, and tested though some minor cosmetic blemishes may be there. They do offer the one year warranty that comes with their new products at no additional charge. So you get a certified, good looking handheld, under the price of Gamestop’s refurbished, plus the Nintendo warranty; why would you go else where? Right now at Gamestop, their Aqua Blue 3DS (which is such as awesome color, it was the color I chose at launch) is sitting at $159.99. $20 more than what Nintendo is selling it for and it doesn’t come with a warranty unless you spend extra money. Nintendo is doing the fight against used products right and other companies should follow suit. Prohibiting used games to be played isn’t the answer, beating the retailer that sells used products at their own game is. I have been looking for a good sale or a really good used Midnight Purple 3DS for my significant other so that she can play Style Savvy: Trendsetters without always stealing mine when I am in the mood for Fire Emblem. You can find the “Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Products” here and stick it to the Gamestop hipster employee.

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