June 22, 2012

Nintendo unveils new 3DS XL but fails to address the one major issue

  Last night over Nintendo Direct, Nintendo unveiled 3DS XL and finally put all the pre E3 rumors to rest of a larger handheld coming out this year. The 3DS XL is sizably larger than the current model with the top screen measuring 4.88 inches and the bottom one as 4.18 inches. The new handheld with be packaged with a 4GB SD card and will retail for $199.99 and will be out in North America come August. The console will come in three colors Black and Blue, Black and Red, and just plain old Black; similar to how the DS Lites where colored. They didn’t mention that the current model would be discontinued, I guessing that they will have them run side by side as with the DSI and DSI XL. The larger handheld is a welcome but brings up the issue of where is the second analog nub? Right now the current 3DS has the Circle Pad Pro (if you can find one anywhere), but that will not fit the new model. With games like Metal Gear Solid, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Resident Evil all taking advantage of this add on why wouldn’t the Big N include this in the revamp? A second issue I have with this is, the “Apple Effect”. Why do we need a hardware revamp only a little over a year with only slight upgrades? Yes, the larger screens are fine but where is the added tweaks? This is the New iPad and the iPad 2, too short of timeframe and not enough significant changes to warrant the purchase. It is a nice looking device though I prefer the square, ice cream sandwich look of the original device. So what do you guys and gals think? Day one purchase or a wasted hardware revamp? To the comments!  


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