August 31, 2011

Nintendo’s Ambassador Program is Live!


The Ambassador program is upon you 3DS owners that purchased your 3DS before the cutoff date and have successfully logged into the eShop. Nintendo announced the other five games that would be accompanying the previously mentioned titles; here is the official list.

– Legend of Zelda

– Donkey Kong Jr.

– Super Mario Bros.

– Ice Climber

– Balloon Fight

– Zelda II – The Adventure of Link

– Yoshi

– Wrecking Crew

– NES Open Tournament Golf

– Metroid

Now to access the download for the games can be a bit tricky. Please just follow the next steps to retrieve you free games.


–          Log into the eShop

–          Scroll all the way over to left to the “Settings/Other” icon and tap on it

–          Scroll down to “Your Downloads” and tap on it

–          If you have downloaded anything on the eShop the games will appear at the end of your list.

–          Find the games and click “Redownload” and they will be downloaded to your 3DS

–          Repeat all the steps for each title.


The reason they say redownload is because Nintendo added them to your account as if you already purchased them. This way you may re-download them if you decide to up your memory card or incase any error should occur. These games, for you that purchased a 3DS after the program, will be able to purchase these titles at a later date. These normally run around $5 on the Wii Virtual Console, so expect the same price to come down, but those of you with the program, that’s $50 worth of free games so far, not too shabby. Anyone else excited by these and is downloading them right now?


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  4. CABXYZ - September 2, 2011 12:54 am

    It has been done to death, but most of my “classic” games and consoles are boxed up and not easily accessible, so this as being free to me since I was an early 3DS adopter is great, would I spend the $50 for all of these, probably not. Charcoal I had no idea what Wrecking Crew was until I downloaded it. A quirky title but fun none the less.

  5. IronJade - September 1, 2011 4:58 pm

    Why bring back the “Classic Arcade” titles the DS? Has this not been made available on every other platform already?

    Not a DS owner since Gen 1 so I don’t know what they may have upgraded but I can’t imagine this being a way to promote business…

  6. CharcoalCoyote - August 31, 2011 11:51 pm

    Zelda 2 is weird, but it’s a classic in its own right. It’s also harder than Zelda 1 by far. Wrecking Crew is an old favorite, as is Balloon Fight. SMB and Zelda and Metroid go without saying, and Ice Climber wasn’t a bad title either. Pretty much everything here is a quality game. My wi-fi is being difficult, so the download isn’t working at the moment.

  7. CABXYZ - August 31, 2011 8:37 pm

    Really excited for Donkey Kong Jr., was one of my favorite games on the NES. I am glad they included Zelda 2, played the first one to death, but never played the sequel. Yes, hate me know, I have never played Zelda 2. But I do plan on playing them all, can never turn a free game down; and I have played plenty of crappy free games.


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