Nintendo’s Sales Results From 2012 Are In!



Nin­tendo, this morn­ing posted it’s sales results from April — Decem­ber of 2012 and they are rather good despite cut­ting some pro­jec­tions. The Wii U saw a rea­son­ably good launch with hit­ing 3.06 mil­lion units and sell­ing 11.69 in soft­ware. The aging Wii and DS had decent years as well sell­ing 3.53 mil­lion and 2.15 mil­lion units respec­tively. Here is a break down of con­sole sales and soft­ware sales for each.

DS — Units sold — 2.15 mil­lion (life to date –153.67 million)

- Soft­ware sold — 30.24 million

3DS — Units sold — 12.71 mil­lion (life to date — 29.84 million)

- 3DS XL Units sold — 7.05 million

- Soft­ware sold — 39.56 million

Wii — Units sold — 3.53 mil­lion (life to date — 99.38 million)

- Soft­ware sold — 45.08 million

Wii U — Units sold — 3.06 million

- Soft­ware sold– 11.69 million


Nin­tendo has dropped the fore­cast of Wii U con­soles sold to 4 mil­lion, it had recently pro­jected 5 but still 4 mil­lion isn’t bad. For every­one grip­ing about sales fig­ures for the Wii U and some call­ing it and early fail­ure let me put things into per­spec­tive. The Xbox 360, in the same amount of time that the Wii U has been avail­able it sold 1.69 mil­lion units, the PS3 had sold 1.63 mil­lion units, and the Wii had sold 4.007 mil­lion units. The num­bers are pretty good, they won’t have another Wii on their hands but, the Wii was a spe­cial case. The Wii had lim­ited sup­ply runs to the demand, word of mouth lit sales of fire, and you had peo­ple that had never bought a gam­ing con­sole before plunk­ing down $250 to play WiiS­ports. The 4 mil­lion mark may rise as a slew of good look­ing soft­ware is going to be avail­able this year and could spark more interest.


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