January 30, 2013

Nintendo’s Sales Results From 2012 Are In!



Nintendo, this morning posted it’s sales results from April – December of 2012 and they are rather good despite cutting some projections. The Wii U saw a reasonably good launch with hiting 3.06 million units and selling 11.69 in software. The aging Wii and DS had decent years as well selling 3.53 million and 2.15 million units respectively. Here is a break down of console sales and software sales for each.

DS – Units sold – 2.15 million (life to date -153.67 million)

– Software sold – 30.24 million

3DS – Units sold – 12.71 million (life to date – 29.84 million)

– 3DS XL Units sold – 7.05 million

– Software sold – 39.56 million

Wii – Units sold – 3.53 million (life to date – 99.38 million)

– Software sold – 45.08 million

Wii U – Units sold – 3.06 million

– Software sold- 11.69 million


Nintendo has dropped the forecast of Wii U consoles sold to 4 million, it had recently projected 5 but still 4 million isn’t bad. For everyone griping about sales figures for the Wii U and some calling it and early failure let me put things into perspective. The Xbox 360, in the same amount of time that the Wii U has been available it sold 1.69 million units, the PS3 had sold 1.63 million units, and the Wii had sold 4.007 million units. The numbers are pretty good, they won’t have another Wii on their hands but, the Wii was a special case. The Wii had limited supply runs to the demand, word of mouth lit sales of fire, and you had people that had never bought a gaming console before plunking down $250 to play WiiSports. The 4 million mark may rise as a slew of good looking software is going to be available this year and could spark more interest.


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  1. DianaQ - January 30, 2013 8:45 pm

    The figures are really good, and keep in mind how many people use the systems for all sorts of things like: education, exercise, sports training to name a few.


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