March 28, 2012

No internet? then no SimCity for you

Maxis is currently developing the latest SimCity due for release in 2013. The game will require Origin to play as it is being published by EA but aside from EA shoving Origin down our throats they will also require a constant internet connection through Origin in order to play the new SimCity. The game will be available through other methods besides Origin but the bottom line is to play SimCity you will need both Origin and an internet connection, and you will need both at the same time. EA has made the announcement that a constant internet connection is required due to the games focus on multiplayer and worldwide economies.

Personally I dont buy this excuse, I get that piracy has become a significant issue these days, however its bad enough that EA is shoving Origin down everyone’s throats, they are only making things worse by requiring a constant net¬†connection in order to play a game the user has already paid good money for. ¬†Does most everyone have internet these days? Sure, there are few who dont, that doesnt mean we are OK with our computers being looked into while we game. Like I said Origin itself is enough of a nuisance, forcing us to have a constant connection while gaming takes it to far I think.

What do you think? Is this taking things to far or is it a necessary evil? Tell us your thoughts on this

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  1. Foxx - April 8, 2012 2:03 pm

    Origin is epic suck. I had to use it for Mass Effect 3.


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