December 28, 2009

Number 4 —- All things HD, Blu-Ray

To have HD or to not have HD.  Yea, I’ll take HD for 300 Alex.  Well now you can take HD for much less, with the average cost of Blu-ray players and movies going down and demand that keeps rising, Bluray players make the top 8 list here.  Blu-ray has been around since 2006, but not very well known, and just recently has become more popular and will soon become the standard for movie watching and possibly game playing.  A single layer disc is able to have 25GB of storage and a dual-layer with 50GB… wow.     FYI the 1st movie ever released on Blu-Ray was Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.  In other words, HD is in, and non HD is out : )

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