December 26, 2009

Number 5 —- iPhone

The iPhone is cool, maybe u have one, maybe all ur friends have one and you want one.  Or maybe you’ve only had the pleasure of using one for a short period of time.  I am in the category of ppl that want one and have only used a friends : (  But this invention of Apple is nothing less than sweet.  Some functions include: Camera phone, text and voice communication, mp3 player equivalent to a video iPod, Internet with e-mail, web browsing and Wi-Fi, and a multi-touch screen.  Introduced in the States in June 2007 this cool phone has made its place in the market.  The newest version, or the iPhone 3GS that came out in June of this year has a camera with higher resolution, video capability and voice control.  The total units sold as of the 4th Quarter of 2009 are around 21.17 million.  Cool. . .

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