December 24, 2009

Number 7 —- Windows 7

I had been using XP since I can remember, and up until a little more than a year ago I switched to Vista, with my (outdated) hardware I found that Vista made my PC experience much more enjoyable and faster (so it seemed).  Then about a couple of months ago I got Windows 7 and tried it out.  It moved all my music and movie files and personal setting into the newer version without a problem, which was cool.  But I then began to have some problems with my online gaming, BIG PROBLEM.  So I tried for about a week to tweak setting and change things, but I could not stop having lag spikes though steam servers I was playing on Condition Zero.  But with Source I didn’t have a problem, but being that MOC’s server on CZ is one of my favorites and I could not let them go yet.  So, u guessed it, I had to downgrade back to Vista.  And as you can imagine there are no easy downgrades.  So I had to back up all my files, do the downgrade, install all my favorite programs again, install files and get the updates, aka Pain in da Ass.  But, besides not being able to support my gaming on an outdated game, the experience I did have just using the OS was sweet.  It looks better, functions better, boots up faster, and is easier to use.  So possibly after I decide to outgrow my CZ habit I’ll do the upgrade for good and enjoy every minute of Microsoft’s new and improved OS.

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