January 18, 2013

Nvidia’s Project Shield

Nvidia has developed the next breakthrough in portable gaming. Project Shield is an Android based gaming platform designed to take your games with you as well as stream based gaming over Wi-Fi through next gen Wi-Fi technology.

The device is a full sized controller with a flip up screen that packs all the hardware needed to play games acquired through the android market as well as play your PC games wirelessly with Nvidia’s new W-Fi technology. Project shield will reduce the limitations encountered on a touch screen and allow a more comfortable gaming experience while traveling and on the go. The biggest feature however is its ability to stream your PC games over Wi-Fi. Essentially the device connects you to your library of PC games and the PC runs the game and streams the audio/video and control commands to the controller/screen allowing you to play your PC games from anywhere within your home or wherever your PC is located. The catch is that you wont have this ability outside of your W-Fi range and you will need a GTX 600 graphics card to make this happen.

Nvidia is leveraging the power of their Kepler chips to make gaming more flexible in the home. And using their Tegra 4 mobile chips to make gaming more enjoyable while out and about.

This is a cool idea but I question its appeal. The screen is only 5 inches which is pretty comparable to most smart phones capable of decent gaming anyway and the controller makes it bulkier and less attractive to carry around. And while streaming games from your PC is cool, it would be alot cooler if you could do this away from home which you cant.

All in all I feel this is a sweet idea but highly impractical. If it were the slim line device the size of  a thick cell phone that would be one thing but its a full sized controller, which doesn’t

exactly make it pocket friendly. And with devices such as the PSVita the mobile aspect of this is rendered useless. And while streaming full PC games to it is nifty, why would I sit in the next room playing Assassins Creed III on a 5 inch screen when I can play it on my 24 inch screen at my PC or even my 50 inch TV should I choose to run an HDMI cable to it.


Bottom line is this is very cool but not quite appealing in terms of practicality. What are your thoughts? is this something you would prefer for mobile gaming?


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