December 31, 2011

Old Republic: First Impressions

My bounty hunter toon

Bioware has always been one of my favorite companies. They have produced some of my favorite games, such as Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 1 and 2, and finally Knights of the Old Republic. I was skeptical when I heard that they were taking their first stab at a MMO, but I was also very curious to see how they would do such a thing. I quit playing World of Warcraft about a year ago when Cata came out. I had been playing since vanilla WoW. With that said, I obviously at least enjoyed one MMO in the past, although I haven’t explored many others. Having to pay a monthly fee for a game sucks, and you game better be pretty good before I am going to invest that much money in to it.

My Jedi character

Now my very first impression of the game started out with the client. The thing is HUGE and took forever to download. Obviously the launch was just a few days ago and there will be a lot of problems like that, but I have a very fast internet connection and it still took me almost an entire two days to finally get the game all installed and ready to play. The client kept freezing, it stopped when I tried to download over night and it didn’t have an obvious percentage so I could know exactly how long it was expected to take.


When I finally got the game installed, all I had the chance to do was watch the cinematic since it was a Friday night and I wanted to go out. This got me squealing like a typical fangirl in excitement. I have a certain soft spot for cinematic introductions to games. When I finally revisited, I was still unsure of what faction I was going to choose. I had friends who were playing both on different servers, and there was a lot of fussing about which one I would choose. I finally settled on two different servers, one for a Jedi toon and one for a Sith toon. From there I will see which one I like better, and which group of friends seems to be more in to the game.


This game is good looking, and I absolutely love the cutscenes. There is a much larger role playing aspect to this game than in World of Warcraft. The depth of the game even within the first few levels is very exciting. The fact that you can be good or evil even without your own faction is also exciting. I think that the character customization is one of the best for an MMO I have ever seen.


I am excited to see where this journey takes me. I have seen a lot of similarities between SWTOR and WoW, which I think is a survival instinct for all new MMO’s but I also have seen a lot of new innovative things that might just make this game a competitor for the giant that is World of Warcraft.

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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - January 2, 2012 7:15 am

    I’m still on the ropes about trying this one out I’ve heard a lot of good things but I just can’t get past paying for the game THEN paying a monthly fee to play the game….who knows maybe I’ll get it on sale or my nerdy-ness will get the better of me!


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