August 22, 2014

OverClocked Remix Yearly Fundraiser Via Patreon


Over the years on this site, I have published several articles featuring the mind blowing remixes that stem from OverClocked Remix. The Video Game Remixing community has supported user created remixes and video game soundtracks as art for well over a decade. OverClocked is currently holding their yearly fundraiser on Patreon, a site that helps artist bring their dreams to reality, think Kickstarter but monthly donations instead of one lump sum. OC Remix has been taking Patreon donations since June, so this news maybe a little old to some, but I just started donating last month, and I finally received my first month donation rewards; so I wanted to wait and judge my experience. There are tier donations for your choosing:

$1 + nets you – “Gain access to our Patreon news feed with exclusive news updates and sneak peeks on upcoming albums, including works-in-progress and trailers!!”

$5 + nets you – “Not only do you get the exclusive patron updates, you also score a promo code for a select FREE digital album from OverClocked Records EVERY MONTH!”

$100 + nets you – “OFFICIAL SPONSOR STATUS – You or your organization listed as an OFFICIAL SPONSOR on, all our mailouts, press releases, etc.

ASK US ANYTHING – Prioritized Q&A responses, including discussion of any topics you’re interested on OCR Talkback!
PRIZES – You’re entered in our monthly random drawing for super awesome swag! A winner is (could be) you!”


I started with something simple and affordable, I donate $6 every month, and I am more than happy to give more in the future if my circumstances change. It was incredibly easy to sign up with Patreon and have them take the monthly $6. I just received my first email yesterday with my first month of being a patron, and it was filled with several previews of upcoming remixes that have yet to be posted to OverClocked Remix, and my free album code. The free albums are chosen by OverClocked Records, since the artist they promote and sign are invited to label, I have no qualms with the selection. I have been following OverClocked Remix since the early 2000’s and have amassed a vast library of their remixes and albums, and I am very happy to give back. As a promoter of the arts, and a strong promoter of the artistic merit in video games, I am very happy to be a sponsor of such a creative community that is full of talent. If you would like to donate to OverClocked Remix and help promote video game music, just click this link to Patreon.


If you are still unsure if you want to donate, here are a few of my recent favorites from OverClocked Remix. I have an addiction to the electronic dance mixes that stem from the site, but there is remixes featuring vastly different styles and genres. Enjoy my most recent picks!




Track 1 – “Streets of Rave” – by Amphibious – from Streets of Rage (Sega Genesis)

Track 2 – “Mystical Mist” – by RJ Remixes – from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Super Nintendo)

Track 3 – “Courage ~ Failure ~ Rosebud” – by DragonAvenger and OA – featured on the album Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin

Track 4 – “Let’s upset a Troid” – by AngleCityOutlaw and timaeus222 – from Metroid Prime (Nintendo GameCube)


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