March 17, 2010

PC gaming is … growing?

So I was roaming around Best Buy the other day and noticed that the PC games section that I normally browse in was in the wrong place.  To my pleasent surprise it had appeared that Best Buy had indeed doubled their PC games section.  I have been happy to see this because for the longest time it seemed that the PC games section had been getting smaller and smaller but with the current release of so many good PC games it’s good to see that is not going unoticed.  I generally make a round to best buy once a week to see what deals they have on PC games.

Recent major releases of titles such as Dragon Age: Origins, Bad Company 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Stalker: Call of pripyat seems to have PC gaming sales picking up steam.  Although the trend of PC gaming seems to be going the way of digital distribution I am glad to see that people still go to their local retailers to pick up copies of thier favorite games.

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