March 12, 2013

Pics for Star Wars: First Assault Leak, Fate Undetermined


Lucas Arts used to be a name synonymous with great Star Wars games and taking chances with some great quirky games such as Armed and Dangerous. We used to get great adventure games like the Monkey Island franchise, Grim Fandango, and Full throttle. They had some of the best space combat games in the business with X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and the Rogue Squadron series; they even redefined the western RPG with the seminal Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Now, we get nothing. The last in house developed games were The Force Unleashed and its sequel The Force Unleashed II. Staff at Lucas Arts was cut in half after the first and then cut again after the disappointing sequel was finished. So what have they been up too since The Force Unleashed? Last year at E3 we saw the live demo of the gritty, Star Wars 1313, which looked amazing and could bring Lucas Arts back to the spotlight. But since E3 there has been silence, until last year Kotaku spotted the above picture on Kotaku has finally shed some light on what this mystery game is and that it could be in trouble. The game, according to Kotaku, was to be a prologue to Battlefront 3. First Assault is an Unreal 3 powered, 8 vs.8 FPS, that had the Rebellion pinned against the Empire in maps ranging from Bespin to Tatooine. From what Kotaku uncovered the game is almost finished, but it’s fate is undetermined thanks to the buy out from Disney. From the screen shots it looks like an objective based game mode similar to Battlefront and the gun positioning looks like it was taken from Republic Commando, a game that also ran on Unreal, though 2.0. Everything from 1313, to First Assault, and to Battlefront III is all in the air right now. The ball is now in the monopolizing hands of Mickey Mouse and they have had a recent stance on violent video games, so it will be interesting to see if any of this sees the light of day, especially 1313 which wanted to hit a Mature rating. I hate to ruin your Tuesday with this, I really do. Lucas Arts has been a mangled mess since 2008, something needs to change, these games need to be in good order and released. It is hard to see a company that I adore, fail so much for so long. What do you think? Will the diabolical mouse let these titles see the light of day, or will be forced to see yet another legendary developer sink into obscurity?



* All image credit: Kotaku

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  1. DianaQ - March 12, 2013 7:26 pm

    With so much change in todays society, companies need to update and reinvent themselves in order to stay competitive. Since Disney did buy Lucas Arts, they have the right to make decisions on the games. Lucas Arts should have thought of this before they ran into trouble and needed someone to bail them out. The bottom line is to make MONEY and stay competitive, while keeping the consumer’s needs in mind.


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