April 17, 2013

PlayStation Network Update: Delayed


Today, I typically post what was updated on the PlayStation Network since they update late on Tuesday. Well, yesterday it was never updated. There has been some delay because of an update to the PlayStation Store. The update was to take place Monday so that come Tuesday, something like this wouldn’t happen; well, it did anyway. I will make a proper post when the issue has beenĀ resolved. They are updating their twitter account here, which they just finally updated after 13 hours of silence. The store should be fixed and updated later today, the rest of the PSN is up and running. I am sorry if you are a Vita owner and waiting like I am to get your hands on the Soul Sacrifice demo. Soul Sacrifice is Keiji Inafune’s newest title that will be out on April 30th.


The picture is from the cartoon series Ultimate Spider-man. The first couple of episodes were kind of weak and the humor feels like it should a show starring Deadpool, but the show is growing on me. The picture also serves as my desktop wallpaper.

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