March 12, 2011

Playstation Phone (Xperia Play)

Ever since its first release Ive been a fan of the PSP, all up until the PSP Go which was way smaller than it should have been, a slimmer slider PSP is way cool, but they should have at least kept it the same size. Instead Sony made it smaller and something that only a small child could properly handle. Now I get that the Ipod touch has always had a smaller screen than PSP and it does just fine, however the ipod didnt start with gaming as a soul purpose thus a smaller screen was justified. Having said this its not surprise that the PSP Go didnt do as well as was hoped, and now Sony is trying to pick up the slack with a Playstation Phone. As a phone everything the smaller size will be justified. The smaller size is acceptable as we have more reason to carry a phone with us than a portable gaming system, and lets face it, we all want better gaming capability out of out phones to keep us entertained. The Playstation Phone dubbed the Xperia Play as its official phone name, as of right now will ship with the following specs:

4″ 854×480 Multi-touch LCD screen
5.1MP Camera
Memory Card support up to 32gb MicroSD
Included 8Gb MicroSD
1Ghz Scorpion ARMv7 CPU
Qualcom Adreno 205 GPU
Will run on Android 2.3 OS (Gingerbread)

I would expect no more out of the Xperia than I would any other droid as far as the phone/network capabilities go, gaming capability will far outshine anything out there if for no other reason than it will be getting games developed exclusively for it. It will work the same way as the PSP Go where you buy and download your games from their online store, the downside is your available gaming library depends on your storage capacity, memory cards have gotten cheaper but they arent that cheap yet. However a 16Gb MicroSD card will probably go a long way for the average individual.
There is said that there will be around 50 or so games available at launch and the phone will ship with crash bandicoot installed, as far as game pricing ultimately the final price is up to the developer but you can reasonably expect games to release from $5-$8. The Xperia will also come with Asphalt Adrenaline 6, Bruce lee, Star Battalion, The Sims 3 and Tetris.

All in all The Sony Xperia Play is looking like it could be a big win, it will release on the Verizon Network and Im anxious to see if it will be 3G or 4G, personally my money is on 3G. Also I would expect the typical $2-300 price point with a new contract but no official pricing has been released yet.

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