April 19, 2013

PlayStation Store Update: gta Sales and a Sacrifice


I am sorry this is late, but if you haven’t checked out the PSN store since it came back on midday Wednesday, there is plenty of things to go around. First and foremost, the big release is the demo of Keiji Inafune’s Soul Sacrifice for the Vita. The great thing about the demo is your saved data will carry over to the retail release. Inafune is responsible for the design of the game and the full game will release on April 30th. The spring sale is now in it’s second week and featuring a wide aray of Grand Theft Auto titles. There is everything from PS2 classics like GTA III, GTA IV: Complete Edition, and PSP titles like GTA: Chinatown Wars. There are deeper discounts for PS+ members, the full list of available titles can be found here.  The PSN received the latest add-on for Dishonored with The Knife of Dunwall. The Knife of Dunwall will run you $9.99. The full digital copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us is available for $59.99 and will hit at 8.9 GB, so plan your download accordingly. There is plenty more in the way of the PS2 classic, RPG Maker III ($9.99), and Dragon Fantasy book 1 is retro 8-bit RPG that harkens back to the days of final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior (Quest in Japan). Dragon Fantasy Book 1 has a cross-buy option and will run you $9.99. There are plenty of more drops on PSP titles and some additional add-ons for games like Capcom Arcade Cabinet. You can find details on those and anything I didn’t cover over at the Official PlayStation Blog. Next week service will continue as normal and this will be posted on Wednesday.

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