July 23, 2013

Pre-Rendered Week: Turn Up the Fantasy


On the second day of Pre-Rendered week I am doing a fantasy theme. Two games that I am featuring today I have played and enjoyed, the third is a opening cinematic that I was told to watch and turned out to thoroughly enjoy it. All of these games are a bit different. One real time strategy, the other two are both action RPG’s but one has more accessible combat, while the other goes for deep strategy. So let us head into the cinema and check out the videos.


Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II was a bit of an odd duck. It had an interesting story and characters, but repeated levels, simplified combat, and altered art style turned off most fans of the original. I, though being a fan of the original, enjoyed the second installment despite its shortcomings. This video entitled “Destiny” has the main character, Hawke, facing off against Arishok, the military leader of the Qunari. The trailer shows off the more action heavy combat, that there would be a static main character, and the sharper look of the armor. The game may have not been the favorite of many, but this trailer sure does kick it up a notch.



The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

This is a game I got into late, I waited until the Xbox 360 port since my PC was far from capable of handling the title. Geralt is a fantastic protagonist, but is now where to be seen in this opening cinematic. Instead we see the assassination of a king, the prowess of the assassin, and the wonderful magic that fills this world. The trailer shows how the combat must be approached with fineness and planning much like the the assassin’s attack on the ship. The trailer is beautiful and the shattering ice is just fantastic. This trailer alone, made me want to play the game. Unfortunately, I am still playing it due to a busy schedule.



Might and Magic Heroes VI

I have never played this game, and frankly, never knew existed until the Steam sale. Brad brought up this game, and the awesome trailer that accompanies it, and I must say, I was intrigued. Heroes is an RTS in the long running Might and Magic series that has branched into other genres as well. The music in the trailer is very memorable as is the giant spider lady that attacks the night. RTS games typically have awesome cut scenes that try to emulate what your dozens of units are trying to display. The trailer has done its job and I am sold.

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