February 10, 2013

Preview: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Releasing this week, on all platforms: PC, Xbox360 and PS3 (release date for the WiiU to be announced) Aliens: Colonial Marines is billed as “A Direct Sequel”  to James Cameron’s classic Sci-fi movie Aliens which was a sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien. Aliens the movie was set firmly in action horror and Aliens: Colonial Marines looks to follow suit with game play to match the tone of the movie.


Sega and Gearbox have teamed up to release Aliens: Colonial Marines which means that the action co-op experience that made the Borderlands games so great will be fully utilized here as well! In the campaign there will be four player drop in/ drop out co-op so you won’t have to stop the Xeno onslaught all by yourself!

In addition to co-op the will be a competitive multiplayer component as well with some classic game types like: 6 v 6 team death match and a 4 v 4 Escape mode  which is looking to resemble Left 4 dead 2’s multiplayer component which isn’t bad at all check out the trailer and see for yourself:

If you thought that was a lot of bang for your buck it seems that March will bring the first DLC pack in the form of a new horde mode games type called Survivor mode:

So this game, to me, is shaping up to be some serious good times with the co-op playable campaign to the competitive multiplayer let’s hope that Aliens: Colonial Marines doesn’t disappoint! Watch the videos check out the gallery then go watch the movie just to get some tips!

check out Sega’s official page here.

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