January 11, 2010

Project Natal Hits da Xbox 360 for the 2010 Holidays (and other 360 related shiz)

WTF, Microsoft wants us to not only use our thumbs and hands, now they think we want to use our whole body to game, next phase of operations is an integrated chip in our brains where we can dominate noobs through brain signals recharged though carnal nerves moving through the device.  By the way, I’m not sure about that last one.  But Microsoft’s years of research as expressed in the upcoming Project Natal (na’tal , Portuguese meaning: of or relating to birth) allow a 3D camera to capture body movements and translate them to movements or actions on the screen.  And according to the president of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division Robbie Batch, this new device will work with existing 360 consoles.  Users will be able to have a truly controller free gaming experience.  (But I like my controller)  There will be a natural user interface using body movements, spoken commands or presented objects and images.  Over 1000 software developer kits were shipped out the same day of its initial announcement on June 1st of 2009.

Coming sooner than this unveiling in the spring will be the Game Room, an online arcade geared towards games from the 70’s and 80’s, form developers like Atari and Activision.  And, to get Halo fans excited Halo Reach, a prequel to the 1st Halo, will be released in 2010.  So, looks like Microsoft has still got some tricks up their sleeves and like in the past will no doubt blow us away with something this coming year.  Sounds fun!!


  1. Crazieman_47 - January 20, 2010 7:37 am

    not to mention the personal brain doctor that comes with the system, you’ll see him, he’s just a boy, but can sense how your “feeling” by how you talk with him.

    I have to admit, I think this is the future, I get tired of my ass getting bigger,while my hands cramp up playing with a controller. I want to play real cool RPG games and FPS games by just running around the living room and shooting shizz. Make it 3d-4d and you got my money.. why leave the house? LEts get Game fit together… interactive naughty games…. mmmm

  2. PimpmasterF - January 15, 2010 11:47 pm

    BREAKING NEWS…..Natal says Wii can suck it!
    I just watched the video for this and hot damn does it look cool!


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