February 20, 2013

PS4 will be out Holiday 2013 and the new DualShock 4


It was made official at the end of the event  that the PlayStation 4 will be coming this holiday. Just like the Wii U announcement there was no shots of the console. There were the hardware specs that I shared earlier but what they concintrated on was the controller, the level of interactivity with your PSN friends and software, the biggest ace at launch time. But lets take a look at the new DualShock 4. It is mostly the same controller we have now had since 1997. There are a few tweaks. It looks a bit wider, which I prefer so that the thumb sticks are a bit more separated. But the biggest differences in the DS3 and the DS4 are a light bar on the front, a touch pad just above the PS button, a headphone jack, and a share button just to the left of the touch pad. The light bar will be used in conjunction with a new form of the PlayStation eye much like the move is, but not radical as motion controls. The touch pad will work similarly to the back touch pad on the Vita. The Share button is a nice touch. It will let you take screen shots, stream, and post gameplay on the fly. Facebook and Ustream will be apart of this new sharing concept Sony is unleashing onto the PSN. So like the controller, hate it? What are your thoughts on the new way we will be gaming this fall.


  1. ScrotusKilmystr - February 21, 2013 11:12 am

    I’m still not a fan of the ps controllers they just don’t seem to fit my hands very well, I guess they never tried to build them ergonomically like microsoft did with the 360s controller

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