February 7, 2012

PSA: Gotham City Imposters is out this week!


Monolith’s bat crazy FPS downloadable title, Gotham City Imposters is finally out this week after seeing a slight delay last month. Though it may look like a Team Fortress 2 rip off, this game is much it’s own. With oodles of customization, plenty of unlockables, build your own class mechanics, and a level cap of 1,000 ( yes 1,000); you will have your hands full with title for quite some time. Joe (ScrotusKilmystr) and  I got to sit down this past week and take part in the public beta and this game was booted up every day, your in for a lot of fun and laughs. There is some genuine humor to be had. The game is out today on the PSN and PC, and will be on the XBLA tomorrow. The game will run you $15 and 1200 Microsoft points respectfully, but trust us when I say you are getting a full $60 title out of this, you won’t be disappointed. We will have a review up later this week after we have put some time into the final product.

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  1. ScrotusKilmystr - February 7, 2012 5:50 pm

    the beta was crazy fun! I was in in both the PC and the Xbox Beta (the xbox this past week and the PC last year) and this game is just fun! It’s Team Fortress 2 with tighter controls and more humor!


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