July 3, 2012

PSA: Resident Evil 6 Demo available for 360 Dragon Dogma adopters – [updated]

Anyone that purchased Dragons Dogma, a new copy and on the 360 mind you has an access code that came packaged with the game for early access to the Resident Evil 6 demo and the time to download that is now. Enter in your redemption code and begin downloading Capcom’s next installment in their action/horror opus. I haven’t had a chance to play the demo yet, from what I have heard; there are 3 sections to the demo, one for each of the playable characters. Anyone that does not have a code or does not have a 360 will have to wait until September 6th to grab the demo. Even if you’re not a fan of the venerable Umbrella saga, there are still plenty of great reasons to pop back in Dragon’s Dogma. I started the game up a few days ago and sunk a couple of hours in and I was hooked. The larger than life creatures and fantastic Pawn system (along with the every so witty banter “That’s a large tree”, really captain obvious!), is more than enough to check the game out. I’ll update the article after I have had a chance with the demo.




The Resident Evil 6 demo is broken up into three parts, one for each of the campaigns that run side by side. While Jake and Chris’s sections play very similar Leon’s is a bit different, I’ll break down the different sections below.


Leon – This feels more like Resident Evil of old. There is very little combat to be had and the overbearing atmosphere creates a fear like tension that frankly, the series has been missing for quite some time. You can either choose Leon or his CIA tag along, Helena. This portion of the demo was also extremely dark and I don’t really care much for the ear mounted flashlight, yes you read right, and ear mounted flashlight. While it does provide some light in the environment the constant head motion made it harder to navigate. While Leon’s section was short I enjoyed it the most out of the three. The much needed fear was there despite some wonky design choices. One last note and this covers the entire demo, they need to back the camera up just a bit. It is harder to target when your character model is taking up half the screen.


Chris- Resident Evil 5 redux, but they brought the best parts of that game and left most of the crap behind. This slice of the demo was very action oriented. The creatures you face, zombies or Las Plagas, or whatever they are can shoot back and makes for some unique combat situations. The design of these foes is kind of head scratching. Shoot their arm, something gross grows out of it. Sometimes they grow wings out of their ass and start flying literally. Head shots are very effective. Chris has a new BFF in the form of Piers, a rather annoying character that offsets Chris’s new brooding drink myself to death attitude. Joe “Scrotuskilmystr” brought up a good comparison, if felt a bit like Army of Two.


Jake- Jake and Sherry’s portion took a couple of tries to get the hang of it. With these two you face one of the games minor bosses and the camera angle at the offset of the level is atrocious. You are running away from the creature, but doing so by running at the screen and the game gives no suggestion that you should be running this way. After you escape what looks like Robo-Zombie, the rest of the stage and boos fight feel like Chris’s section. I still find it strange that the decided to bring back Sherry, the last time we saw here was Resident Evil 2.


I played through the demo both solo and Co-Op, and just like 5; Co-Op is the route to go. The A.I. is much improved over 5, but coordinating with a human player is more rewarding. The game runs on Capcom’s MT Framework and just like any other game built on this engine, its jaw dropping gorgeous. Chris seems like the roid bulk has been toned down and Leon’s emo 90’s hairdo is as chic as ever. Though none of the demo missions intertwined, I am excited to see how these will in the final product. The demo has me intrigued. While there are a few problems, I am excited to see what becomes of the final game and how three different campaigns will come together, this comes from a fan that loved every game up until 5, 5 had its moments, but was ultimately disappointing; 6 has promise.


  1. ScrotusKilmystr - July 6, 2012 1:28 am

    Co op on the demo was really fun although in Leon’s chapter there was a moment that just ripped you out of the immersion of the game! other than that and what rick said this game has a really high creepy factor that adds to the atmosphere really well

  2. Microsoft Point - July 4, 2012 12:39 pm

    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the Demo.


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