March 2, 2010

PSN Brain Fart : Error 8001050F

Apparently everything is back to normal… Well I’m sure that thousands and thousands of PS3 owners feel like they’ve lost a part of their soul, had their misfortune overlooked and were unable to play their favorite games.  This did not effect me, but no doubt if something as simple as my isp were to go down and give me some problems I would expect answers, and soon.  Another thing is that trophies or achievements and even some saves have been corrupted.  I’m sure this fact alone kept PS3 users up all night searching for answers to their nightmares.

Sunday night is when many PS3 users found themselves up shit creek without a paddle.  They clocks were set to 12/31/99 which is not even something that a user can manually set.  Although the Slim PS3’s do not seem to ever have been effected, go figure.  If you were one of the unfortunate, I feel for you : )

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