January 23, 2013

PSN Update: Dust 514 Public Beta is Go!


I apologize that this wasn’t up yesterday, but I kept waiting for the update and it never hit by time I left for the day. Anyway, there is plenty of good things in the update including a very nice sale and Dust 514 now has a public beta that is available to all. If you are downloading the beta it is a hefty download and I am hearing updates on top of that, so start the download and doing something else in the mean time. Ni No Kuni the Level 5 – Studio Ghibli RPG is available for download as well as retail but you do get the download at a discount, $54.99. Ron Gilbert and Double Fine’s new adventure game The Cave, is out today as well ($14.99). There is a new PS2 classic available, Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. The NIS America published game will run you $9.99. The last big item is the “13 for ’13” sale. There are discounts on 13 different titles and deeper discounts for those of you who are PlayStation Plus subscribers. Some of the games like The Unfinished Swan are on sale for $7.49, PlayStation Plus members get it for $3.75 (normally $14.99). There are tons of great deals and something for everyone, if I had a Vita I would swipe up LittleBigPlanet Karting, PlayStation Plus members get, what is normally $39.99, for $10! Head over here for the rest of what you can expect in this weeks PSN update.

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