May 25, 2011

Random thought of the day: why do numbers mean so much?

Thought I would try something new and just write something little to get our minds as a community going and hopefully have a good discussion in the comments, so this may turn into a daily thing, who knows. Good philosophy, try before you buy, so we are going to try damn it!

K/D spreads, win percentages, head shot counters, stats galore; that is all I hear about in competitive multiplayers and frankly, I am sick of it. I play my fair amount of multiplayer gaming, putting in a couple of hours each night on top of what else I played that day, but for the life of me can understand why people get up in arms about pointless numbers that have no effect on my experience. I play Battlefield, Halo, Gears of War, Homefront, Medal of Honor, Brink, and Section 8: Prejudice (I avoid the CoD series like the plague) but never found myself caring about K/D spreads, or how my personal stats held up, what I cared about is did my team work well together and did I have a good experience doing so. Before you say “oh this guy sucks and he is just trying to justify why he does”, I don’t. I have my good games and some games where I don’t do as well, I just hate that people have to play by the numbers and ruin my experience so they can pad their useless stats. Death match of any sort, whether it is team based or solo, is my least favorite mode, in any game. I like my co-operative team based game play. I would rather have a .01 K/D ratio and have helped my team win countless matches due to my sacrifice, rather than have a ridiculous K/D and look like some (to quote ScrotusKilmystr) “sniper bitch deluxe”. Since playing Brink and Section 8: Prejudice I must say I applaud Timegate Studios and Splash Damage for hiding these stats behind their website (you need to get a code in the games menu and activated it online to access your stats). I wish more developers that have team based game modes would follow this model of stat hiding to try and route some of the people, that don’t want to play nice, out of these modes. So, do you sit there and strut around your numbers like the alpha gamer or do you think they have no relevance and would rather enjoy your experience with the game and the people you are playing with?


  1. ScrotusKilmystr - May 27, 2011 7:43 am

    I will admit I do check my stats during game play when in multi but not because of my desire to have a reduclious K/D spread it’s to gauge my strategies. if I’m close to a 1/1 ratio then thats fine if I start dieing alot and have 1 kill I need to try something else but it depends on what the situation calls for…. I hate being in last place so actually my point spread is more important to me ie battlefield the more you contribute to the task at hand the more more you get and a higher ranking on the stats for the game I do remember that dude from Alabama who was
    nasty gramming me because Cabbie and I were destroying all the mcoms so quickly and basiclly bulldozed the defending team ahhh fun with C4 and my person favorites anti-tank mines and the repair tool! haha that was before DICE nerfed the explosive damage now you ahve to work for a win lol

  2. DrPixel - May 25, 2011 11:13 pm

    I’d rather have a lot of fun being a team player than a lone wolf obsessed with stats. For example, in my short time of playing MW2 I found that it just really isn’t that fun to try to focus on increasing or maintaining your statistics. During the EA Week on Steam a few weeks ago, I bought BFBC2. I soon discovered that I actually REALLY enjoyed the game’s multiplayer, even if I wasn’t particularly too good at it. Teamwork is necessary in the Battlefield series, even if you just run out in the middle of the enemy base and create a distraction for your team. Things like that can turn the tables just enough so that your team wins. That’s why I plan on buying BF3 this year and not MW3. 😀


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