July 30, 2013

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What if your life was in the balance if you logged into World of Warcraft or any MMO? What if you put on the Oculus Rift and was not able to remove the headgear with the threat of it ending your life if you didn’t finish the game? This anime begs to ask these questions, in Sword Art Online there is no way to log off; there is no continuing; there is no save feature. Your only way to escape the virtual realm is to fight your way through and finish the one hundred floors in the Aincrad, a giant floating castle. Sword Art Online premiered late last year in Japan, and we received the English dub this past Saturday courtesy of Aniplex and Adult Swim’s Toonami programming block. I must thank my youngest brother for the heads up on this anime, during rounds of Gears of War 3, he mentioned he saw a commercial for the show and was interested. The show will continue on Toonami and the show airs at 2 A.M. EST. Last week I went ahead and watched the Japanese dub on Crunchy Roll and I was hooked. The English dub can be a little cringe worth with the voice acting, but if don’t want to read subtitles, it is still a fine way to watch it. I am trying hard not to just watch the whole series on Crunchy Roll, though I may do that and watch it on Toonami so they get my viewership. Sword Art Online does explore some concepts that should interest gamers. Games simulating a reality, becoming part of the experience, the fear of what someone with the wrong intentions could use our medium for, and the disconnection with real world;  I am really interested to see where this show leads. Below is the English dub trailer for SAO, and hopefully you tune into Toonami on Saturday nights to check it out.



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