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Story: In 2017 when a merger formed the first mega-corporation Euro­corp who then brought on the age of the Neural Chip that brings on the demise of all dig­i­tal devices and the fall of gov­ern­ments world wide, in 2069 the world is now con­trolled by the mega-corps and indus­trial espi­onage has grown to new lev­els requir­ing covert agents to do the bid­ding of the mega-corp CEOs who are all hell bent on being the largest cor­po­ra­tion on the planet.



Review: I’ve been debat­ing on this game since it’s release in Feb­ru­ary 21st of 2012 decided to hold off until the price dropped to what I felt the con­tent was worth. Play­ing the 4 player Co-op demo that was released then was very fun much like Mass Effect 3’s Co-op Syn­di­cate has your team try­ing to com­plete objec­tives that will force you to work together to com­plete the mis­sion. That was great But I wasn’t sold on the demo alone after look­ing into the cam­paign infor­ma­tion that is where I thought this game wasn’t a $60.00 title but it looked like a $29.99 buy for sure so now that it hit my price range (I even have seen it on on sale for $14.99!) I bought it and my deci­sion to wait was rewarded well…



Graph­ics: This game looks really great visu­ally on thebox360and I can imag­ine that the PC looks even bet­ter. How­ever, the graph­ics seem to come at a price in that in Co-op and even in the Cam­paign this game gets a fair amount of lag, when track­ing around a room the choppy-ness really kicks in and drags the game play down at times


Sound and Voice Act­ing:  The voice act­ing is top notch with the Likes of Brian Cox, Rosario Daw­son, and Michael Win­cott give solid voice overs for their char­ac­ters. Music was really good  pro­vided by award win­ning DJ Skrillex to name one and other Elec­tron­ica DJs the sound­track fits the game to a “T”! Sound design is also really well done and I’m not sure if EA optioned Dice to do the sound but it really seemed like it.



Game­play: It is typ­i­cal FPS style although the trig­gers and shoul­der but­tons are flipped PS3 style and I can under­stand why being that you agent abil­i­ties are mapped to the trig­gers and come in very handy in both the Co-op and cam­paign. The respon­sive­ness of the con­trols is a prob­lem it seems when you are try­ing to switch abil­i­ties and reload on the fly it may not work the first tap of the but­ton and you can­not mul­ti­task either i.e.: Reload­ing while slid­ing into cover.  The cam­paign lev­els aver­age between 15 to 30 min­utes to com­plete which took me between 6 and 7 hours to com­plete on Hard. One big com­plaint was the boss bat­tles and I have read this else where and have to agree that they are mun­dane at best and could have been so much bet­ter given the weapons and abil­i­ties that you have access to in the game.



Mul­ti­player; This is where this game shines and if your look­ing for change up on the Mass Effect 3 Co-op this is for you! Four player HAVE to work together to achieve the goals and com­plete the mis­sion, doing so gives you access to new weapons abil­i­ties and upgrades to three class types that each serves a pur­pose remem­ber keep your team mates alive and you will com­plete the mission!



Over­all: I was right in wait­ing to pur­chase this title with a short cam­paign and issues that from what I have read don’t seem have an ETA to be fixed and lack of any DLC to keep the Co-op fresh. This game is a dis­count buy sad to say, its worth what I paid But I wish it had more to offer in the way of sup­port. I do recom­ment this game but not at the orig­i­nal price!





+Visu­ally stun­ning graphics

+ Top notch voice act­ing cast, sound­track and sound design

+ Co-op game play resem­bles M.E. 3 but is dif­fer­ent enough to be fresh





–Game lags whether in cam­paign or Co-op tak­ing away from the fun

–Boss bat­tles are mun­dane at best and could have been so much better

–Call of Duty length in cam­paign makes this game very short

–Lack of sup­port by EA and Star­breeze for bugs and no addi­tional DLC to keep it fresh


For more info on Syn­di­cate head over to EA/ Starbreeze’s page right here!

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