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Dungeon Siege III Review

April 2, 2012

Having played the previous two Dungeon Siege games I was pretty excited when I heard they were working on a third one.  And why wouldn’t I be the previous two were a lot of fun, had great stories and great graphics for the time.  They also had lengthy single player campaigns and wide expansive maps to explore and enemies en masse to kill. 

Right out of the box Dungeon Siege is pretty exciting.  The graphics look nice, the character dialogue is engaging and the powers look cool and the enemies are mixed but sadly the euphoria wears off.  Graphically Dungeon Siege III is pretty to look at, powers are shiney, water looks beautiful, there are many varied and cool looking combat moves and magic powers, tree’s flow in the wind and enemy movements are varied.  The biggest complaint I had, graphically, is that the characters during dialogue scenes are very static, they are emotionless and always sway back and forth the same way.  I’m also not a fan of the paper rendering during cut scenes.  I think it comes off as a very lazy way of storytelling instead of actually taking the time to make full cut scenes. 

As any avid RPG gamer knows camera angles are a big deal and sadly Dungeon Siege 3 fails pretty bad here.    The game was designed for a controller and it shows.  The previous titles were PC only and had a much better feel to them.  I’m fairly tolerant of most camera faults but there were many times where the camera would move behind a rock and make it impossible for me to see who I was fighting.  Additionally there were timers where my cursor would disappear off the screen and this would make it incredibly difficult to target my quarry.

Story wise Dungeon Siege 3 is average at best.  It’s captivating at first but loses its appeal pretty quickly.  There were several plot holes and quests were fairly sparse for what I would consider normal for an RPG.  There were also features like influence that appeared to have no impact on the game itself.  The dialogue in the game is fairly well done but the story in which it is executed is just not that good. 

The inventory system was yet another disappointment.  It failed to impress and with some many items in the game that simply looked the same and no real good way to organize them it just felt shaky and incomplete.  That being said I found from very early in the game that I found a specific weapon that I pretty much used throughout the entire game.  I also found that many “potions” found within the game didn’t have a very good description of what they did.  For example, one of the potions lets you imbue doom onto your weapon.  What exactly does doom do? 

Dungeon Siege III was a real tragedy to me and has suffered what a lot of PC to Console games have gone through and that oversimplification.  The game is not made for the hardcore RPG audience which the first two were aimed.  I’m surprised they would try to stray from the audience which they were originally targeting.  This has sadly been a trend with companies trying to jump on the Console cash bandwagon of the last 5 years.  We saw the game thing happen with Dragon Age II which was a far cry from its predecessor.  While Dungeon Siege III is an ok game it’s not a great one or even a good one.  If you can pick it up for $9.99 on Steam like I did and have some spare time you probably won’t be that disappointed but I think you’ll find the previous two a much more enjoyable experience.





  1. PimpmasterF - April 10, 2012 2:56 am

    Thats disappointing as i was nist about to get the bundle for $12. I guess there is a reason its so cheap not long after its release.

    Its also disappointing that many devs and specifically publishers have opted for the quick cash grab with console ports, for some games its not so bad but to turn a PC game into a console game and then port it is cheap. More should follow what DICE did with BF3 and develop for PC and scale down for console

    • thsoundman - April 10, 2012 8:18 pm

      Yeah you can usually tell the quality of a game by the price shortly after release. If sales remain relatively high you normally see the price stay at the $39.99 – $59.99 range. In addition to that you see a constant stream of DLC coming out for it as well weather it be maps, items, etc.


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