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Dawn of War II Retribution Review

September 23, 2011

I’ve been on a roll of playing Warhammer games lately and Retribution hasn’t made it easier to stop doing so and if anything it’s made it harder.  I recently purchased the THQ pack which contained all of the Warhammer titles *Space Marine excluded*.  I must admit I love the Warhammer universe.  I had never touched it before I picked up the THQ pack nor had I played any of the tabletop games or even heard of it for that matter.  I find myself getting more and more immersed as time goes on and now I’m even purchasing the books and reading them non-stop.

One might expect that after so many releases that the content might get dry or the universe boring.  I’m proud to say that this is not the case with Retribution and in addition to bringing a good story to the table it tells several.  You can choose to play not one but 6 different races and each campaign if fairly lengthy and contains it’s own storylines.

THQ has always suprised me with the content that they shove into a $29.95 retail release.  Each campaign took me about 7 – 10 hours a piece which is about 42 hours of gameplay.  I found each of the campaigns interesting and intiguing and Considering most games only have a 5 – 8 hour campaign and cost twice as much.  When it comes to value Retribution is hard to beat.

Retribution has made a few improvements over Dawn of War II which I thought made it a much better game.  The biggest and the most siginificant change aside from being able to play multiple factions is that there are alot more units to choose from and it plays a little more like and RTS instead of an action RTS.  Dawn of War II gave you a very limited number of units to choose from and you had to use them through the majority of the game.  While Dawn of War II is a good game in it’s own right, Retribution is far better. 

Graphically Retribution doesn’t do much to improve on it’s predacessors but that isn’t to say it isn’t a pretty game.  There are plenty of explosions, blood baths and firefights for the eyes to feast on.  The game looks especially impressive when it’s displayed using eyefinity although I had to do some minor adjustments to a text file to get it to display correctly.

Retribution, while not original, ground breaking, or game changing in the RTS genre still succeeds and that is because it presents a unique, dark and intriguing original universe and a very intuitive and entertaining way and combines it with several other stories to boot.  In addition to this it has one of the best values for your money I’ve seen in a long time.   Dawn of War II: Retribution is a must buy for any Warhammer fan.


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