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September 6, 2011

We have been working on updating the site thanks to cssigniter.com. This small team from Greece has helped up develop a great future for reviewing games and bringing you the news. We hope that in the future you will refer friends or whomever you wish to take from these guys, years of experience in their designs and coding.

The layout themes that they produce for wordpress are premium when it comes down to the use and versatility. We sincerely hope the best for these guys and want to extend to our community the knowledge that these guys are “The Real McCoy”

The service with these guys was definitively the greatest experience I have ever had with a fellow coder/designer. I hope for all intensive purposes that other companies can follow along in their footsteps. Even though our time difference made some communication barriers it also in some ways helped me to be determined in finding solutions.

Their coding is, dare I say, masterful. It had me in awe for the first 4 hours or so rifling through it all. I could not believe how well written and clean it was. I was able to easily take certain lines and bend them to my will. It was odd how well designed the multitude of script was handled in conjunction with the actual pages.

I can only really say good things about these guys, they are top notch and if you are in the mood to get a great set of custom themes for the price they are unmatched. There are a ton of themes available across the net but of the ones I have seen, most are bland or just a flavor of the same thing, these are all original content and that is what makes them worth the investment.

All in all, if you have some time to spend, some money to spend, and you want a great theme to show off your site with…. then CSSIgniter.com is the place you need to visit.

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