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The Walking Dead the game

May 4, 2012

First thing that comes to mind when thinking of The Walking Dead as a video game is violent ultra gory action zombie game. This however is not the case, if you haven’t played it yet and are thinking of getting it for an action experience you will be sorely disappointed. The Walking Dead plays out as if you were transported into the comic itself and given reign over the story’s direction. It is designed to be clear cut and objectives aren’t difficult to identify. It’s been made for the experience not the challenge.


The story has the comic at heart. It was adapted from the comic and hold tightly to its roots. It begins at the onset of the zombie apocalypse as you are being transported to a jail in your home town having been charged with murder. The zombie apocalypse is your redeeming factor and gives you the chance to show your true colors as your path crosses that of a little girl who you are tasked with protecting. Characters and dialogue have been done well and everyone has the ability to interact.


The game is built on choices and every decision you make affects the way things play out, and once you’ve made a choice, its done, you live with it because there is no going back. This fact gives the game an enormous amount of replayability. As far as gameplay goes it feels as if you are in control of a highly elaborate interactive comic, it makes for a very satisfying and unique experience.


The graphics are decent but the textures are fairly low res. The graphic style is similar to that of Borderlands and has an artistic feel to it as if it had been drawn and colored in, this style has been expertly done and adds to the overall atmosphere of the game. The game was given the right amount of detail and the world is filled with the little things that make the situation feel real. My only complaint in this department is that is was clearly ported to the PC, this is not a deal breaker as all the controls and menu items were changed over to correctly identify with a keyboard but it is apparent that it’s a port. It does however play smooth and a few advanced options such as AA and a couple others were added but if you want full customization of the graphics your going to have to do it in your GPU’s control panel.


The sound is no different, everything has been mixed well from the sound of zombies roaming the streets to the realistic sound of a shotgun. Voice acting is done extremely well with clear voices and emotion and makes interaction an interesting part of the game and helps suck you in and makes you feel the gravity of whats going on at any given time. Atmospheric sound is done just as well and gives the player a feel for what is going on around them.


In conclusion I would say give this game a try if you havnt already. It really pulls you in and gives a chance to direct the story in a unique way. The Walking Dead has been pulled off expertly as a video game leaving the player hungry for more. It is available as individual episodes or a season pass through the Playstation Store or Xbox Live and as a season pass only for PC. Each episode is $5 and the season pass is $25. It has been split into 5 episodes for season 1 and each episode is scheduled to release a month apart. The experience you get for the price cant be beat. But remember if your looking for a gory action game, this isn’t for you.

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