August 20, 2013

Saints Row IV Is Kind Of Totally Out!


If you head to Steam’s frontpage┬áright now, there’s a 50% chance you’ll get this massive image plastered over the top half of the screen, and that’s okay. It’s just letting you know that the fourth title in the most excellent Saints Row series is finally available for purchase. Considering it’s a fully fledged sequel spun off of planned DLC for the third game, it’s an impressive accomplishment that reviewers with preview copies have been singing the game’s praises for the past two weeks. Thanks to a midnight launch last night, I can definitely say that the opening 30-45 minutes are well worthy of that praise, and it only looks like it’ll go up from there. If you’re interested in buying this hilarious open-world game that’s last iteration put GTA IV to shame by remembering to be fun, you can grab it on Steam right here, or at other online retailers for the PC version. For the console versions, anywhere you would normally buy such a game will have them, but the PC has been reported to have much better performance overall.

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