March 26, 2013

Signing Off to Visit Columbia


Today a little known game called Bioshock: Infinite was released. I am now heading off from my site duties to fire up the game and well, it maybe some time tomorrow before I sleep. Brad was playing the PC version of the game last night for a bit when it unlocked at 11pm Central time and did nothing but walk around and listened to the captivating score. Yesterday, in preparation, I popped in the original Bioshock, though the games story is completely unrelated, the game has aged well and seeing Rapture for the first time is still just as mind blowing. Bioshock was something fresh, new, and exciting. It was a FPS, but it made you use your surroundings, made you think outside of the box, and genuinely care about characters. I will never forget the time I accidently hit the wrong button and siphoned a Little Sister instead of saving her, I lost it. It was a game with deep, thought provoking material; more book smarts and less Michael Bay approved explosions. I am hoping Infinite is half of what it’s predecessor was, I am in for quite a mind blowing ride. Now I am off to find my Skyhook and save Elizabeth from the sprawl in the sky known as, Columbia.


  1. bioshockqueen - March 28, 2013 3:05 am

    Amen to that brother

  2. thsoundman - March 27, 2013 12:37 am

    So far I’ve played for 3 hours and it’s easily one of the prettiest and most engrossing games I’ve played in a long time. So far it’s giving Tombraider a run for it’s money!


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