Signing Off to Visit Columbia


Today a lit­tle known game called Bioshock: Infi­nite was released. I am now head­ing off from my site duties to fire up the game and well, it maybe some time tomor­row before I sleep. Brad was play­ing the PC ver­sion of the game last night for a bit when it unlocked at 11pm Cen­tral time and did noth­ing but walk around and lis­tened to the cap­ti­vat­ing score. Yes­ter­day, in prepa­ra­tion, I popped in the orig­i­nal Bioshock, though the games story is com­pletely unre­lated, the game has aged well and see­ing Rap­ture for the first time is still just as mind blow­ing. Bioshock was some­thing fresh, new, and excit­ing. It was a FPS, but it made you use your sur­round­ings, made you think out­side of the box, and gen­uinely care about char­ac­ters. I will never for­get the time I acci­dently hit the wrong but­ton and siphoned a Lit­tle Sis­ter instead of sav­ing her, I lost it. It was a game with deep, thought pro­vok­ing mate­r­ial; more book smarts and less Michael Bay approved explo­sions. I am hop­ing Infi­nite is half of what it’s pre­de­ces­sor was, I am in for quite a mind blow­ing ride. Now I am off to find my Sky­hook and save Eliz­a­beth from the sprawl in the sky known as, Columbia.

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