January 14, 2012

Simple yet AWESOME!

A guy by the name (or at least his online alias) of fabio Basile has the fantastic idea of an add on controller for the iPhone and iPod. This obviously isnt a new idea but what makes is stand out is its design. It is simplistic and compact so it would be unobtrusive yet large enough to be easy to use. What makes it even better is that it looks like an old school Nintendo controller. At the moment this idea has yet to see a production stage as the accessory is being looked at by third part companies and those interested in seeing a shared profit from this device. Hopefully it will come to life soon so we can all enjoy this modern blast from the past. you can check it out and get more info here http://fueled.com/blog/from-fueleds-own-fabio-basile-the-iphone-gaming-controller/

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