November 29, 2011

Skyrim Map App

Sometime soon (hopefully sooner rather than later), we will be getting an app called “Dragon Shout”. This app looks to be an excellent addition to any Skyrim fan’s app collection. What it is is an interactive hand drawn map of Skyrim for either your iPhone, Android or tablet. The app allows users to mark discovered locations and make notes about said locations and any area the user wants to mark on the map. Find a dragon but want to finish your current quest before killing it? no problem, simply mark where you saw the dragon and make a note of it. Want a hand held depiction of your exploration efforts as bragging rights on the go? Awesome! just mark where youve been and what youve found and show it off to everyone. Keep track of where you found items, where to find alchemy tables and enchanters outside of your normal locations. Share your map markers and notes with friends.


At the initial release I wouldnt expect too much in the way of content, but as it matures there will be updates and added content and more importantly the ability for user created content. This will broaden the eventual features list of the app and keep it fresh over time.

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