January 28, 2014

Sly Cooper Hitting Theaters in 2016


Sony has announced its next CGI animated film, Sly Cooper. Ratchet & Clank was announced last year, this year we have Sly Cooper, hopefully next year we get a Jak & Daxter film rounding out the PlayStation 2’s platforming trio. The film is being developed by Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment, both who are behind the Ratchet & Clank adaptation. The first thing you will notice is the art style is a bit different, and they are wearing pants. Though I am not completely sold on the art style yet, it may grow on me, the trailer definitely captures the feel of the games. Another thing fans of the games may notice is that Chris Murphy (Murray) and Matt Olsen (Bentley) seem to be reprising their roles, as for Sly, it doesn’t sound like series regular Kevin Miller. The voice is close, but not enough. I got into the series late, I bought the HD collection and Thieves in Time on the PlayStation 3 and enjoyed the games immensely. The movie will be in 3-D and conventional 2-D as well and will release in 2016. I am curious if this and Ratchet & Clank score big in the box office and are received well critically, could they change the tide for video game based movies? I am pumped for both movies, check out the trailer below.


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