February 6, 2012

Some Fresh Mass Effect 3 Screens!


As of today Mass Effect 3 is only one month away. It seems like yesterday I was taking my manshep for a spin in the galaxy in Mass Effect 2. I still can’t get over how great this series has looked since day 1. Being built on Unreal 3 always sends mixed results. Just look at games such as Mass Effect, Gears of War, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Mortal Kombat, Mirrors Edge; they are beautiful and show that the tech is really capable of some awesome visuals. On the flip side we get games with ho-hum to great googly moogly what am I looking at with the sites of DC Universe, Homefront, The Punisher:No Mercy, and Damnation. The demo should be heading our way shortly and remember to play the Kingdoms of Amalur demo to get some free gear for Mass Effect 3. The pictures are down below for you to eye at in all their glory. Mass Effect 3 is out on March 6th.



  1. CABXYZ - February 7, 2012 3:05 pm

    The press release stated PS3/360, so if they are the game will be jaw dropping on the aging consoles. I am excited for this title either way!

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - February 7, 2012 3:00 am

    are these from the PC? they look really detailed….


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