September 25, 2013

Some Interesting Tidbits from Around the Web


What a weekend, that culminated into a very sad day yesterday. Personally I have had a very rough weekend and start to the week, but I still want to sit here and write about games and discuss games, because games and the games industry make me happy. I am going to link a couple of articles that I feel are important that I have found around the web, while I went to and from the hospital this weekend. Here we go!


Games Industry International – This article was just posted today, but I still find it very important, though I have not had ample time to mull over the subject. The article is on the decline of mobile gaming and devs finding it easier and more cost effective to head to PC’s and consoles, now that they are offering self publishing. The other thing I find interesting is a few years ago, everyone was on the mobile bandwagon, and that your iPhone was going to replace your portable and console gaming. I remember Rovio, the developer behind Angry Birds, saying mobile will rule the market and that Angry Birds is better than some AAA titles, or something along those lines. Please don’t quote me, I am paraphrasing from memory. Anyway, the mobile space is now in decline, with devs jumping ship, and 3DS sales are very strong and has a great library making it very competitive. Check it out, let me know how you feel about the mobile segment.


Game Trailers- Annoyed Gamer – Marcus Beer is either loved or despised, but he brings up plenty of good points. Personally, I like the guy and we need more people to question the industry we work in. His latest rant is on the subject of Grand Theft Auto V, not the game but on mature rated games getting into the hands of kids. Marcus can be a bit brash, but he has a very good point. Enjoy and hopefully it provokes your thoughts.

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