January 29, 2012

No joy for ME3 making it to Steam

EA strikes again, the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3 will not be available on Steam, at least not yet and its future on steam is grimm. It will be available through a number of other third part digital distribution methods but not Steam. And regardless of where you get Mass Effect 3 you will be required to install Origin to play it, even if you buy a retail copy. The good news is that the game can be played offline once the game has been activated through Origin and there is no install limit on the game.

It makes sense that EA would be pushing its own digital distribution software and they absolutely should, but its still pretty weak that they are cutting steam out of the mix. Steam is big for a reason and cutting their customers off from their favorite vendor may cost them a few customers, although they aren’t likely to hurt from it. The game will sell very well despite not being on the nets biggest vendor. If your like me youll still buy ME3 but be highly annoyed with the ever intrusive Origin being forced down out throats. It would be nice if EA cared more about customer satisfaction rather than a forced agenda and spying on its customers. But its something we’ll have to either live with or boycott in the hopes that other follow suite to send a message to EA.

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