November 5, 2011

Sony to limit PSN game content to two devices


Nov. 18th Sony will be making some changes to PSN. Previously users of Playstation devices, such as the PS3, Vita, PSP etc., have been able to use every system at their disposal to play their downloadable game content. Sony will be implementing a device activation system that will limit the user to playing their downloaded content on only two devices.

Any game content purchased after Nov. 18th will only be accessible on two “activated” devices. So if you’re a Playstation fanatic and own a shiny new Vita, PS3, PSP and Playstation Phone you’ll have to choose which two of those four systems you’ll be playing downloadable games on as you will only be able to “activate” two of them for PSN game content. On the a slightly brighter side Sony will be including an “activate/deactivate” function into users account management for users to switch up which two systems they have activated at any given time, however this will likely be a hassle and the limiting change will not sit well .

It should also be noted that this change will only affect game content and not affect media content. While this may not affect an astronomical amount of Playstation users it will no doubt enrage a good deal of the Playstation community, not only will it cut back and limit users who already utilize downloadable game content on more than two systems but will hinder future customers from buying new products if they know they will have to sacrifice a system they already own.


Thoughts? Do you use more than two PS devices for downloadable content? How will this affect you?

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