August 15, 2012

Sony unveils Cross Buy Program

At this years Gamescom Sony announced some pretty cool stuff, probably the most intriguing was its reveal of the Sony Cross Buy Program.

Cross Buy will allow gamers to who purchase certain games for the Vita to also play that same game on their PS3 and vice versa. The games that will be supporting this will come packaged with both the PS Vita and PS3 version of the game.

This may give Sony the boost in Vita sales they are looking for but how much? Really for the most part this applies to casual gamers and kids. The PS Vita isnt entirely lacking of adult, more hardcore titles, but the people playing these games are likely more interested in playing them on a big screen and its not likely that youll be seing Triple A titles such as Darksiders II or Dishonored on the Vita.

This is a cool idea and will likely boost sales regardless but for how long and how much?

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