January 28, 2013

Spartan Ops Episode 7 hits today and the return of Grifball!


It looks like a slow Monday, which is fine by me because Halo 4 just got a healthy update this morning. Spartan Ops episode 7 is available now. Episode 7 sports 5 mission on all new maps and the intro video is the most epic video yet! This series is really reaching it’s stride now, I played through Episode 6 twice in one day. Also in the update, is a new multiplayer playlist, Grifball. Grifball makes its Halo 4 debut with two game types, Grifball and Grifball Pro, a host of 6 new arenas. Grifball will have single 12-minute round with the first to 5 wins with auto pick-up enabled. Grifball Pro sees 5 rounds, 3 minutes apiece, and auto pick-up has been disabled. There are 6 new arenas for you to cause havoc in; Primordial, Thin Ice, Sarge’s Laboratory, Grifball Fissure, Termiterium, and Hangar 101 round out the courts. I’m excited to play some Grifball, a playlist that was proposed as being┬ápermanent. I am sure I will play Episode 7 a few times today as well, the “show” is taking a more serious, slightly darker tone with this Episode, I like it. Check out the teaser video below, and the update is now live for your gaming pleasure.

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