February 4, 2013

Spartan Ops: Episode 8 is Live!


This weeks Halo 4 update brings us closer to finding out why the Promethean’s stormed the Infinity as well as a new play list, Team Doubles. Grifball stays as part of the playlist, which is awesome! I have had some great matches and then some I have lost terribly, the team makes or breaks the game. Spartan Ops gets heavy this week after watching the full episode. There are a few twist in store, I won’t ruin them but the “show” is picking up quite a lost of steam with only 2 episodes left. With the Team Doubles playlist, I can see me joining up with my brother, or some friends, for this one. My brother and I put some hard hours into Team Doubles in previous Halo’s and the Gears of War version, Wingman. It all comes down to playing as a team, this is the type of mode if your a lone wolf, you will loose. As soon as the full version of Episode 8 FMV is posted I will be posting all the videos in an article so you can catch up or see what the hype behind this experiment is all about. Until then I’ll see you on Requiem!


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