February 11, 2013

Spartan Ops: Episode 9


Coming into the home stretch with the final 2 episodes of Spartan Ops there are questions and even more made in this episode. But there is an underlying lesson in the beginning of the episode that is worth mentioning. Lasky challenges Palmer on the order to kill Dr. Halsey, and shows that despite war, despite being a solider, there needs to be a code of ethics despite an order. Palmer is doing what she is told because, she is a spartan, a breed of war machine that is indoctrinated to no feel, not flinch, and to be efficient. Lasky goes be hind her back and tries to rescue Halsey from her ONI decided fate. There is plenty of action from Fire Team Majestic and the Librarian hands over the Janus Key, a map of sort to every know Forerunner structure in the Galaxy. There is plenty of questions to be made as well. What will the Janus Key show about the Forerunners? Will Halsey die? Will the decommissioned Chief make an appearance in the final episode? Will Palmer confront Lasky? Will Lasky be held responsible for violating an order, despite his better sense of judgement? The final episode of the season hits Halo 4 next week, hopefully it answers some of these questions and leaves more for a second season; Halo 5 could be a ways off.


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