August 19, 2012

Square Enix, Sleeping Dogs, and PC Treatment

As a PC gamer one of the biggest frustrations I run into is a poor console to PC port.  It is made even more aggravating considering that all game development takes place on a PC and the feeling that it would take just a little more time to properly develop and test a PC version. This has been ever apparent in recent game such as Darksiders 2, Turing Point: Fall of Liberty and many others.  When I saw that sleeping dogs was coming to PC I had these same concerns flare up, especially when I saw it was being developed by Square Enix which is a predominately console oriented developer.

Much to my surprise Square Enix delivered a solid PC port which I might add doesn’t even feel like one.  It even allows you to simultaniously switch between the controller and the keyboard and mouse without even changing settings and whats more it changes the on screen button recommendations depending on what configuration you are using.  It’s clear that Square Enix took their time on this and not only developed it with PC players in mind but PC players that like to play with controllers as well.

Additionally they released a Hi-Res texture pack on the day of  release unlike Crytec and incorporated a whole host of graphical settings into the game at launch and didn’t make us wait weeks to months on end to get them.  Take a look at some of the settings below.  Sleeping dogs supports Direct X11 features and it looks amazing and for those of you who have spent a lot of money on your rigs and want to put them to the test Sleeping dogs will do just that.  I’m running a Radeon 5970 and it’s punishing it.  I actually had a turn a few of the settings down from extreme.  The game looks absolutely stunning on PC.  I’m sorry the writer on IGN who says that Sleeping dogs isn’t much to look at clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  It’s got one of the most lifelike vibrant cities I’ve seen to date.  Which I might add is completely refreshing to the genre

In conclusion I’d like to say that I know PC gaming isn’t the powerhouse that it used to be but that being said that there is still a large number of us out there and it is very much appreciated when developers like Square Enix take time to develop a solid product for our platform even though it isn’t their primary.  Other developers sit down and take notes.  So from me, TGB and other PC gamers out there.  Thank you Square Enix.

Take a look at some of the graphical options and some screenshots from the PC version of Sleeping Dogs:


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