June 25, 2010

Steam Offering More Insane Deals

Right now Steam is running it’s Independence day special.  You can get games from almost every publishers at highly discounted rates.  Some of the games include Bioshock II $14.99, The Witcher: Directors Cut $6.99,  Counter-Strike:  Source $6.99 and many many others.  I’m glad to see that Steam is helping to fight against piracy by offering so many great deals.  Steam is also offering specials on not only the games but publish packs.  Right now you can get the THQ complete pack which includes all of the Dawn of War series, Company of Heros series, Stalker, Metro 2033, and several others for only $50? 

I have bought several games already at these low prices.  Steam tends to hurt my bank book quite often.  I suspect that over the next few days that they are going to have even more amazing specials.  We will keep you updated on the new specials!  You can head on over to steams website and check out some of the deals by clicking here.

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