January 2, 2013

Steams Annual Holiday Sale 2012


By now you may have noticed and been keeping up with Steam’s Holiday Sale. Its something I look forward to every year and every year it exceeds expectations and sucks me dry. This year however is a bit different. While this years sale has had some good AAA titles up for grabs at a discount I feel its been a bit lackluster so far. Dont get me wrong the deals are decent but not quite what they have been in the past. Games such as Borderlands 2, Dishonored and Max Payne 3 saw discounts up to 50%, this is excellent however the bulk of the event seems to be targeting indie titles and the same old games that go on sale every time Steam hosts a sale. Titles such as Assassins Creed 3 and Xcom only saw minimal discounts of about 25-33%, not quite what gamers may have been looking forward to. On a side note Black Ops II was discounted $10 which isnt much but it is more than we have seen in previous years for new COD titles, MW3 was even discounted 50% to my surprise, Activision seems to be loosening up a bit it would seem. One more thing that this years Steam sale is missing are the festivities. Previous years have brought us steam holiday achievments and goals to complete in various games for various small rewards such as coupons and in game items. This years Steam sale has seen no such festivity, just a simple badge system for simply participating in the voting and buying sale items. I was extremely disappointed to find that there were no in-game Christmas themed elements, I had a blast with those last year and was looking forward to it this year.

All that said we still have 3 more days until the 5th when the sales ends, perhaps Steam is saving the best for last but so far Ive been for the most part un-wowed by the event.

What are your thoughts? Am I the only one or has the Steam Holiday Sale 2012 failed to wow you as well?


  1. thsoundman - January 2, 2013 6:06 pm

    The steam sales never fail to impress me I think it’s more along the lines of I already own all these games. When I first started buying games on steam I only had 10 titles to my name. All of them were valve titles. In fact I didn’t even know they sold games until I actually clicked on the store tab one day and saw they had stuff for sale. I now have close to 400 games on my steam list. I now pick games up as I see them come in at a price I want. I’m still waiting for the Xwing vs Tie Fighter Series to come on to steam as well as a few other titles like Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Steam sales used to rape my wallet but now that I own most of the games I do alot better. Basically now I know I’m never goiong to actually go back and play all those games short of me winning the lottery but I’ll still buy them so I can have them in my collection. I see it kind of like collecting cars. I may never drive some of them but it’s nice to say I do own them. The other part is I like to support the developers so even if I’ve never played it I can still show my support by buying it.

  2. PimpmasterF - January 2, 2013 1:27 pm

    It happens to me every year, I buy a bunch of games on sale and then have no time to play them all 😛 This year is the exception, I pretty much already most of the games I wanted but Im still disappointed in the sale this year, It just doesnt seem to be matching up to previous years, but maybe theyll have a grand finish, well see

  3. TattooedKitty - January 2, 2013 12:18 pm

    I really need to budget more carefully in preparation for the next steam sale, I was so tempted yesterday but managed to keep myself under control, especially since I have so many games to play… one of the pitfalls of being an MMO gamer, they take up a lot of time so you don’t always get to play all the games you want. Let’s hope they pull something out of the hat then for the final few days, maybe they can get me to crumble?


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