Super Mario 3d World is the game I wanted at Launch

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The Wii U did launch with a Mario title, New Super Mario Bros. U, but after see­ing the newest Mario title in action I would have rather had this at launch than what we received. Now I am not say­ing New Super Mario Bros. U is bad by any means because it isn’t. It has won­der­ful level design, it looks fan­tas­tic, and finally brings back the sprawl­ing map from Super Mario World. The con­cept behind the New Super Mario Bros. series is start­ing to fatigue on me. The series was intro­duced back on the DS and proved that the clas­sic 2D Mario mechan­ics can work when drawn in 3D. The “New” series has seen a Wii iter­a­tion, a sequel on the 3DS, and the lat­est iter­a­tion that launched along side the Wii U. The 2D plat­form­ing is great in all of them, don’t get me wrong, butt after play­ing the superb Galaxy series and Super Mario 3D land on the 3DS, I am kind of over the 2D nos­tal­gia fac­tor that comes along with the “New” series and pre­fer the 3D Mario plat­form­ing. This  Decem­ber, Nin­tendo is intro­duc­ing the first 3D Mario action title to the Wii U in the form of Super Mario 3D World. The game will have four char­ac­ters and will sup­port up to 4 play­ers, but there is some­thing inter­est­ing they are doing with the  char­ac­ters. There will be Mario (who will act nor­mally), Luigi (who will have his flut­ter jump), Peach (that will lev­i­tate for a few sec­onds) and Toad (who is faster than the other char­ac­ters). This is some­thing we have not seen since Super Mario Bros. 2 and it’s a nice piece of nos­tal­gia Nin­tendo is throw­ing in. We are also get­ting a new suit in the mix of things, the cat suit. Mario’s dab­ble into the world of furies has led him to become a cud­dly kitty, that has the abil­ity to climb cer­tain walls and look down right adorable. I would have loved to have this game at launch and had them push back New Super Mario Bros. U to this hol­i­day instead, but I know why they did what they did. Unfor­tu­nately on the Wii, New Super Mario Bros. out­sold the Galaxy series despite the Galaxy series being supe­rior. They wanted to bring that 2D Mario nos­tal­gia to sell the first wave of con­soles and did an admi­ral job at it. Like I said ear­lier, I don’t hate the “New” series, it is a fun time and espe­cially in the Wii U iter­a­tion, some of the level design is top notch; it’s just ever since Mario 64, I pre­fer Mario in the third dimen­sion. I will be nab­bing this come Decem­ber and like the Galaxy series and 3D Land, I will be putting ample time into this one. Super Mario 3D World will be out this Decem­ber only on the Wii U.




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Jun 14, 2013
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Whether Mario is in 2D or 3D, it is a clas­sic and great game!!

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