January 22, 2012

SWTOR, $200mil, 6yrs and 4 continents

Its funny how money changes ones perspective. If you had asked me to guess what I though TOR cost to develop I would have grossly under valued the development costs actually involved which totaled $200 million. The time frame isnt so shocking, I wouldve guess roughly 3 years from start to finish but the 6 years that it took to develop TOR really isnt a shocker for all the content and detail it offers. What I really wouldnt have guessed is that this game came to life due to the efforts of 800 developers spread across 4 continents. It should also be noted that Lucas Arts gave Bioware free reign over their studios and resources stepping in only minimally.

These high numbers though will have an effect on the gamers perspective of the game, it shouldnt but it does of course. For those of you who are still in a cool down period for having to wait so long or that it didnt meet certain expectations this news probably isnt helping your rage. With a $200mil budget, over 800 devs and 6 damn years you might be thinking that youre being subjected to a prime waste of resources.

For those of you wearing a diaper so you dont waste precious seconds that could be used for epic galactic asskickery this news may put it into perspecitive for you. $200mil budget, over 800 devs and 6 yrs has brought the magic your life was missing. With such massive resources no wonder the game manages to continuously blow your friggen mind.

Anyway you slice it TOR was a massive undertaking that required massive resources to bring the vision of Star Wars to life in an environment that scales to the Star Wars universe.

What are your thoughts knowing that you are playing a 200 million dollar game that took 800 devs 6 years to develop? do you feel such resources were squandered or is TOR the champion love child of a huge budget and incredible man power?


  1. anon - January 30, 2012 2:11 pm

    lol, its the opposite actually
    200 million, 800 people and unlimited resources
    To create that disappointing piece of garbage

  2. RAY16 - January 22, 2012 7:24 pm

    All that money and manpower and it’s still just another MMO…¬_¬

  3. Alex - January 22, 2012 1:40 pm

    My feeling about MMO’s now a days is that its a logarithmic output. Basically there reaches a certain point that putting an extra million in only does a little bit more. So I feel like no matter how much time and money they put into TOR, parts will always disappoint us. Our expectations were so high for every single detail we can’t help to feel let down at times. In the end though the game is still amazing and hopefully will only get better. So while their budget and time spent seem a little much, I would still consider myself satisfied with the delivery.


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