November 14, 2013

The Humble Store Opens!


If you are anything like me, you have fallen in love with the indie gaming movement over the past few years. For me, it started with Minecraft. Before then I paid little to no attention to independent studios and their releases save for the occasional Behemoth project (Alien Hominid being a favorite of mine). But once Minecraft came out, I started paying attention. Now I can’t get enough. I buy up five dollar games like I want to be broke (contrary to popular belief, I don’t). Enter the Humble Indie Bundles.

A couple years back Humble Bundle started offering cheap deals for quality games while offering the option to send a percentage of the purchase price to a given charity.

“Lo!” I said, “I can pay a small amount of money for a bunch of games AND practice my armchair activism? What’s not to like?” *

And now, Humble Bundle has a new place to buy independent games. They have opened their own site to sell those games, and are offering awesome deals there (which are separate from steam).Check it out here and see what deals you can find.

Just on the first day alpha access for Prison Architect was only eight dollars, and Don’t Starve was ten. At this very moment one of my favorite games, Psychonauts, is on sale for just two bucks This website is going to be dangerous.

*I’m just kidding about the armchair activism, Humble Charity Bundle has done great things. Don’t be mad.

April 30, 2011

Gamer Charities… Changing the Lives of Children Forever

When we turn on the TV, Radio or even read articles on the web all we see are advertisements for the latest and greatest, news or horrors befalling some poor country or state, or any other number of atrocities that fall upon the living.  The news only seems to recognize the rich and powerful or bad news.  I think it’s time to recognize the people who go out and try to make a difference  in the world and change it for the better.  While I may not have the mass resources of a major broadcasting company or an Oil exec I think the recognition is important.

Many of you probably have never heard of ChildsPlayCharity or TheHumbleBundle as they are not advertised across the net and lets face it many of us, especially in the United States tend to forget how easy we have it  compared to many other places across the Globe.  We see so much death, violence,destruction and devastation that we’ve almost become detached and don’t think of it anymore as anything but white noise on the evening news.   I myself had never heard of either of these two charities until one of them got some ‘lime light’ on EvE onlines front page.  I’m not an emotionally driven person, I never have been and I never will be but for some reason Childs Play Charity touched my heart and it was at this point that I told myself “I’m going to stop saying I’m going to try and help and actually go do it”.  I then proceeded to Child’s Play and anonymously donated.  While my donation was nothing major, under $100 as I had very little money at the time, that small amount of money might give some child dying in a hospice some final moments of joy before they exit this world far too early.  If my small donation can put a smile on a suffering child’s face for even two hours is it not worth it?  Ever since first reading about Child’s Play Charity I’ve made it a personal mission of mine to donate whenever a CPC or Humble Bundle  has a donation drive.

Shortly after donating to Child’s Play I ran into a group of Independent developers who threw together a product called “The Humble Bundle” .  To diverge a little bit I think “The Humble Bundle” is the most innovative product marketing of the new millennium.  What they do is give you a set of say 5 games that they want to sell.  All of these games are DRM free and they can be activated on GoLive and Steam or you can just download them from their site with the cd keys they provide to you.  They then, and here is the amazing part, let you set your own price for the games and in addition to that you can choose to donate a portion of the amount your paying to Child’s Play Charity.  You can split the money between the developers anyway you like.  You can give 100% of the money to the Devs or 100% to charity or split it evenly across the board.  You can set the amount by moving the sliders as shown below.

While it’s true that many people will only pay $0.99 for the whole package (and yes I consider this to be  ‘cheap’) there many people donate in amounts far greater.  During the last drive someone paid over $2500.00 for ‘The Humble Bundle’.  I’ve found that even though I might not like all the games, which I didn’t in some cases, that it goes to a great cause such as CPC, support Indie developers who promote DRM free games and I get to grab several great games for a crazy low price which if you’ve looked at the average release price of a new games these days is quite a bargain and I feel good about myself too and lets be honest we can all use an ego boost from time to time.

I understand that not all of us can afford to donate to a Charity or like Indie Devs who do the same thing but we all  probably know someone who does and lets face it most of us could skip one of our morning Starbucks runs or evening beer run once a year and donate $5 dollars to a deserving charity.

In the end I just want to give some recognition, albeit small, to the men and women at Childs Play Charity and Humble Bundle who are trying to make the world a better place, and from me and the staff at TGB we thank you for all that you do.

I would encourage anyone who has been looking for a quiet way to help out a good cause to go check out “The Humble Bundle” and “Child’s Play Charity”.  You can check them out at the links below:

Child’s Play Charity

The Humble Bundle

Here is Humble Bundles last drive:

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